In the VIP Dinaric project area, there are 35 entities, 4 tour operator companies based in Peja and three NGOs with regional scope (DMO and PHM based in Peja and the touristic info center in Junik), a regional ethnological museum and Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments based in Peja covering the project area and wider (Dukagjini); 12 NGOs (mountaineers, ski, caving, tourism and nature, biking and paragliding clubs), 2 local tourist offices in Peja and 13 guides throughout the area.

There are 74 tourism entities identified in mountain and rural areas of Peja Municipality covering Rugova, Drini i Bardhë touristic area and outskirts of Peja city. In these areas are 54 touristic/hospitality service providing entities comprised of 18 Hotels/Motels/Villas with restaurants, 12 restaurants, 5 villas, 2 mountain huts, 15 guest houses – some just started two of which are touristic attractions: an open air amphitheatre with an ethno museum and 6 stone kullas in Rugova and a water mill in Drini i Bardhë touristic area. In Peja operate 9 clubs, 3 tour operators, 10 guides, the touristic information Office and Visitor Center established in 2012 by road to Rugova.

In Rugova Canyon are two recreational services: a zip-line over river and climbing ropes in the Canyon’s high standing rocks. Here, in the river bed is an artistic installation by a local person.

Away from the VIP Dinarica Alps biking and hiking trails in Bogë is a 1km ski lift facility with relating rental and ski instruction services and a number of accommodation and food service entities built up around it, a few since 1983, majority after 2000 when the area is in peace, rehabilitated from war burnout and a good brand new regional road access especially the 8km segment from Kuqishta to Boge. There are plans to further this road access networking with other villages and across border.

Tourism or related clubs/NGOs include Touristic Information Office in the city center and the Visitor Centre in outskirts of town by the road to Rugova. 3 local tour operators and 10 skilled mountain guides are active in whole Accursed Mountains. Most of guides are certified including climbing and rescue services with good command of foreign languages (mainly English) and logistical operation including usage of GPS and other applications.

These entities are presented in a separate list together with those of the project focus which extends from Peja to Decan and Junik including a mountaineer association and two guides from Gjakova active in the Accursed Mountains massive especially Junik area as it used to be part of Gjakova, later it was part of Decani municipality and now in framework of decentralization is a small rural municipality on its own laying between them sharing mountains.


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