Maps that were being used for definition and creating an elementary network of trails Dinarica, are maps with great accuracy, and they contain the following data:

Type: topographical

Ratio: 1: 25000

Projection: Gaus-Kriger

Equidistance: 10 m

Manufacturer: Military Geographic Institute

The year of production: 1979

Purpose: For military purposes of Yugoslavs

Maps of Dinarica paths are divided based on printed maps ; while the base map of the whole track is composed map, proportional to the ground.

Dinarica path, with a north-south direction, starting from the location of Kuqishte and continues to the south, climbing across Kuqishte’s Lake and the basin of Skadar, in order to reach a sharp turn to the south-west, towards Qafa Jelenkit e and the gradual descent towards Lojza, to the east. This is considered the first segment Dinarica, because the logic of imposing a deadline for the arrival of tourists to board Lojza.

The next segment begins at the forest trails to the west, to reach the mountain Roskodoli * and sources Lumbardhit in Decani. From this area continues towards the Qafes Belegut to the south, to finish at end of the mountain Bogiqes and Dobrosh.
The last segment of mountain Dobrosh starts, to the south, the transition Tropoje lakes, and Qafa e Doberdolit in order to take a sharp turn to the west, the top Gjeravica, and ice-cold lake. The trail then continues towards gropes in Junik, where it officially ends Dinarica.
Segments Dinarica are color-coded, with red and white (RAL 3000), consistent with the standards approved by the League of mountaineering and mountain climber in Kosovo. To approximate the number of marking system (to bookmark *) can be taken the numeral 500.

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