The Dinarica Hiking – Kosovo Transversal Itinerary

The Dinaric trails in the territory of Kosovo connect naturally to the local natural and cultural resources, starting from crossroads and accesses that connect on the territory of Montenegro and Albania. Suitable crossroads connecting to the Montenegrin network (starting from the north-western points of the mountain range) are the following passes: Rusolia, Ahmica; Hajla, Dermandoli; Qafa e Dasmorëve; Çakorr; Qafa e Drerit; Qafa e Zavojit të Plavës; and Bogiqa Pass. While crossroads connecting Kosovo with Albanian network (starting from three-country border along western points of the range are the following passes: Bogiqa, Batusha, Qafe Prush, Qafe Morina. Thus, there are many suitable areas for interaction between the two countries. Along the trail you will come across natural and cultural natural and cultural heritage sights, people, tradition and unrepeatable natural landscapes looking into horizons of Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. T

The 3-day Via Dinarica Kosovo transversal hiking itinerary with descriptive and technical information is presented below. Here is a glimpse of what the hikers see and experience as they start the trip in the north end of the trail.

The Transversal is divided into three (3) separate segments based on the mountain hiking logics, which envisages hiking planning taking place on a daily basis in accordance with hiking, climbing and rest standards.

Although, the hiking can start from both ends, the following is a short description of locations through which it passes from north towards south end of the trail, listed and described next.

Segment 1: Kuqishte-Qafa e Drerit (“Jelenkut”) – Sllanopoje

Length: 12.20 km

Duration: 8 h

Maximum elevation: 2274 m

Minimum elevation: 1500 m

Dis-level: 2646 (+1406 m; -1239 m)

Extreme points: Kuqishta-Lojza

Difficulty: Medium

Category: T2 (SAC)

Segment 2: Sllanopoje – Bjeshka e Belegut – Bogiqe Pass – triangle border KS-MNE

Distance: 14.90 km

Duration: 8 h

Difficulty: Moderate

Max Elevation: 2253 m

Min Elevation: 1566 m

Dis-level: 2015 (+1124 m; -890 m)

Extreme points: Lojza-Trekufiri (Bogiqa)

Difficulty: Moderate

Category: T2 (SAC)

Prominent peaks of the trail: Majashi – Ropsi. The view of trail in the Roshkodol Mountain

Segment 3: Qafa e Bogiqes – Gropa e Junikut

Length: 20 km

Duration: 10.5 h

Max elevation: 2656 m

Min elevation: 1668 m

Dislevel: 2895 (+1321 m; -1573 m)

Extreme points: Trekufiri-Gropa e Junikut

Difficulty: Medium

Category: T2 (SAC)

Via Dinarica Hike