The Via Peaks of Dinarica (ViP Dinarica) is an old network of trails, entailing an ancient history of communication between different settlements stretched through Bjeshkët e Nemuna Mountains. The trails, due to their nature, are organized in such a way that enables daily planning of hiking to ensure a safe logic of movement. Even now, as a touristic product, movement should be based on rational organization from point A to point B, not taking other options into consideration.

The Dinarica trails in the territory of Kosovo connect naturally to the local natural and cultural resources, starting from crossroads and accesses that connect on the territory of Montenegro. Suitable crossroads for connecting to the Montenegrin network (starting from the north-western points of the mountain range) are: Qafa e Rusolisë; Qafa e Ahmicës; Qafa e Hajles; Dermandoli; Qafa e Dasmorëve; Qafa e Çakorrit; Qafa e Drerit; Qafa e Zavojit të Plavës; and Bogiqa Mountain.

Thus, there are many suitable areas for interaction between the two countries.In order to facilitate field works, the Transversal is divided into three (3) separate segments based on the mountain hiking logic, which envisages hiking planning taking place on a daily basis in accordance with hiking, climbing and rest standards.