The MTB Trail is over 100 km long that crosses in the western part of Kosovo through unique mountain and rural landscapes, pastures, cultural sites, new and old shepherd and travelers ruts across the National Park “Accursed Mountains” connecting north east Montenegro with north Albania.

The Mountain Bike in the VIP of Dinaric Alps stretches over rural and mountainous territory of Peja, Decani, and Junik Municipalities. Although, the cycling can start from both ends, the following is a short description of locations through which it passes from north towards south end of the trail.

Hajla Pass in the foot of Hajla Peak 2403m alt. bordering with Montenegro – through Pepaj village – passing near by Reka e Allages – the foot of Malaj village – through Rugova Canyon with river on its bottom, curvy narrow rocky road with two tunnels, waterfalls, drinking water spring, and the bridge which are part of Peja Municipality emblem – altogether protected Natural Monument, then turning right and riding upwards Milishevac Gorge – dropping through Decani Gorge – crossing northern part of Decani town – turn left and bike for a short distance the road towards Peja, turn right and bike through villages: Isniq, Irzniq and Prilep – crossing the road Decani-Gjakova, join in a diagonal the road going from Rastavica to Junik, ride along it till reaching  Junik town, then cross river Ereniku and pass by Moronica Natural Park – through Koshare to Padesh bordering with Albania.

Mountain Bike Trail Itinerary in the Via Peaks of Dinaric Alps

The itineraries are presented in two ways as follows:

I.For the Experienced Mountain Bikers:

  • MTB segment I.1: Hajla (MNE-Kos) – Sllanopoje Mountain: with a length 40km, an estimated time is 8 hours;
  • MTB segment I.2: Sllanopoje Mountain– Koshare with a length 60km, an estimated time is 9 hours.


II.For less Experienced Mountain Bikers:

  • MTB segment II.1: Hajla (MNE-Kos border) – Shtupeq i Madh village: Length 17km (1 day);
  • MTB segment II.2: Shtupeq i Madh village – Sllanopoje Mountain: Length 21 km (1 day);
  • MTB segment II.3: Milishevc/c Mountain – Belle in Decani Canyon: Length 20 km (1 day);

MTB segment II.4: Belle in Decani Canyon –Koshare/Padesh (Kos-Al border) Length 42 km (1 day);


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