Workshop for members of the Steering Group of ViP Dinarica trail called „Destination management and marketing – Module II“ will be organized on 11th and 12th May 2017 in Andrijevica.  This workshop will be implemented within cross-border project „Via peaks of Dinaric Alps- ViP Dinarica“. Two two-day workshops for members of the Steering Group, divided in two modules are planned, out of which the above mentioned workshop belongs to second module. Within these workshops, theoretic and practical lectures, discussions and interaction of members of the Steering Group are organized, with the aim of forming and establishing Management body which will ensure sustainability of ViP Dinarica trail after project completion.

This training will be organized by project partners – Centre for sustainable tourism initiatives (CSTI) and Mountaineering Association of Montenegro from Montenegro and Community Development Fund – CDF and Orienteering Club „Prishtina“ from Kosovo*.

Members of the Steering Group will have the possibility to extend their knowledge about destination management and marketing and to contibute in finding solutions through discussions about identified issues. The aim of this workshop is creating action plan which will represent concretisation of result of previous workshop (Module I). Among other things, focus will be on defining priorities, responsibilities and manners of future communication with the aim of establishing sucessfull Management body. This workshop will cover topics of future intern communication and communication with the market, issue of „future ownership“, organizational models of the project, connections with national promotive products such as Peaks of the Balkans, Via Dinarica etc. Result of joint efforts after workshop should be proposals of further tasts (related to product and marketing), as well as defining future needs, proposal of ideas and possible solutions.


Also, at the end of the second day, fifth meeting of members of the Steering Group and project partners will be organized, when current situation and plan of further project activities will be presented.


After the end of second module, all workshop results will be summed up, management model defined and on the basis of that, further steps directed to its implementation selected and defined.


Overall project value in Montenegro amounts to 220.727 EUR, out of which 84.4% is funded by the European Union, within IPA Cross-Border Programme Montenegro –  Kosovo*. Implementation of the project started in March 2016 and will last for 18 months.


For additional information, please contact Svetlana Vujičić, project manager, at following phone numbers:

069 318 963

020 510 125