Two-day training intended to service providers along ViP Dinarica hiking and biking trail withing the project „Via Peaks of Dinaric Alps – ViP Dinarica” will be held on 25th and 26th May 2017 in Mojkovac, at Rakočević Estate (Hotel & Resort Gacka). This training is intended to those service providers who want to apply for Bed&Bike standard and learn more about obtaining EU Eco Label standard –Montenegro Low Carbon Tourism Project practices.

Project is funded by the European Union within IPA Cross-Border Programme Montenegro – Kosovo*. Training will be organized by project partners – Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI) and Mountaineering Association of Montenegro from Montenegro and Community Development Fund – CDF and Orienteering Club „Prishtina“ from Kosovo.

Training participants are service providers from Montenegro and Kosovo (10+10 participants) from the area of continuous hiking and biking ViP Dinarica trail which will connect NP Durmitor and NP Biogradska gora with NP Prokletije and further continue through Kosovo.

During training, participants will have the possibility to learn more about target groups and their expectations, as well as to get familiar with current world trends when it comes to outdoor tourism (Hiking & Biking / Adventure travel trends – 2017 market knowledge). Also, overview of Montenegro and of concrete offer of training participants will be made.

Among other things, participants will have the possibility to get familiar with Bed & Bike standard and to apply for obtaining that standard. Accordingly, during breakfast time, participants will be served from special menu for cyclists which represents mandatory condition for obtaining this certificate. Also, during the practical part of the lecture, tools for bicycle which caterers with Bed&Bike standard must have will be demonstrated to participants. By obtaining this standard, they would become more competitive on market and will represent safe place for all fans of mountain biking.

Besides, lectures will represent EU Eco Label standard, where the emphasis is put on development of low carbon tourism in Montenegro. Also, on practical example, in groups, participants will inspect one part of the terrain where will, through “the eyes” of hikers and bikers, perceive and give ideas and suggestions as well as answer the question “What can we do in our surrounding in order to contribute to quality offer?”

Through joint discussion, participants will contribute to finding common manner of acting and common cooperation with the aim of successful trail management. At the end of the training, general recommendations for improvement of product and services will be given, as well as manner of their visual representation on the market through website, brochures, guidebooks etc.

Total value of the project in Montenegro amounts to 220.727 EUR, out of which 84.4% is funded by the European Union, within IPA Cross-Border Programme Montenegro – Kosovo. Project implementation started in March 2016 and will last for 18 months.

For additional information, please contact Svetlana Vujičić, project manager, at following phone numbers:

069 318 963

020 510 125